Dust & Grooves: Extra Cuts

Extra Cuts is a daily photo feature from the archives of the Dust & Grooves site.


This summer, Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves will embark on a two-month, 11,000-mile, 30-interview Americana journey. This cross-country road trip will hit major music heritage hubs like New Orleans, birthplace of Jazz, and Los Angeles, home of the Chicano Punk Rock scene of the ’80s, plus less likely enclaves like Walla Walla, WA. These culture-rich areas will connect D&G with an expansive variety of music meccas and record fans to reveal lost collections and musical oddities. Professional country music archivists in Nashville, basement-dwelling punks on the outskirts of Omaha, and college town record store owners in the southwest will all be documented by Eilon’s camera. This exciting road trip will capture the spirit of vinyl enthusiasts and the importance of their collections from coast to coast.

Profiles from both the website and road trip will be hand-selected for inclusion in a future book project. Dust & Grooves: The Book will be the culmination of five years of D&G research and records. Photographs and interviews chosen from the site will be interspersed with an expanded subject pool from the trip covering the secret vinyl goldmines of political figures, athletes, fashion moguls, and everyday Joes. Framed by insightful essays and Q & As, and packed with sharp photography, the book will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, crossing over from die-hard vinyl enthusiasts to also reach fans of pop culture, portrait photography, creative interviews, and music history.